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Water Based Colors


Wood & Color: a perfect combination

To keep and protect wood, we need innovative, environmentally friendly coating systems and a wide range of colors. Wooden frames, pergolas and any wood-made object exude warmth and intimacy. They also need maintenance. We do not paint only for aesthetic reasons but also for protection. An absolute waterproofing layer saves the wood and increases the lifetime of a construction. Our company introduces colors from Europe's leading house, Austrian Helios, which has all the necessary certificates and are subject to strict quality controls - both by the companies themselves and by independent external laboratories, which certify their suitability.


Exterior varnishes

Outdoor Water Polishes protect wood from cyanosis and rot. They penetrate deep into the pores of the wood, letting it breathe at the same time. Our varnishes have excellent drainage behavior and are easy to dry. They are suitable for pergolas, kiosks, wooden houses, fences, wooden furniture, window frames, etc. We have a wide range of varnishes and lacquers to meet all your needs.


Impregnation and Primer Varnish

This varnish provides protection against insects and fungi that attack the wood. It is good to use the varnish of the exterior to apply the water-soluble varnish for priming, which allows the wood to breathe, creating a protective film on the surface after its use. It is suitable for all pieces, wood products, stable and unstable retention of dimensions, interior and exterior. The varnish penetrates deep into the pores of wood, with great penetration of the pores, while allowing the wood to breathe.


Floor Deck Varnishes


These varnishes are applied to deck outdoor floors such as deck pool and increase wood longevity. They are ideal for wood preservation and are good to be applied every year.

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