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Impregnation of wood is done in our area with special preservatives and is intended to protect wood from fungi, insects and other microorganisms. Impregnation increases the longevity of wood for 25 years. Our company impregnates all the wood that used for the roof and also the rest of the timber.

Our timber suppliers have all the necessary certificates for their proper operation. Their activities are certified and come from declared and controlled dredges. Our imported timber comes from overseas companies (Europe, America, and Asia) that operate under the control of state authorities and follow a policy of quality and protection of forestry wealth.



Our company recently has invested the creation of a modern Drying System. Our timber is dried according to European Standards at our factory. Each type of wood follows an artificial drying program according to the type, thickness, initial and desired final moisture. Drying is done in a special ventilation room (conventional drying). Our company can dry timber (pine, fir) and sawn-wood (beech, oak, chestnut, walnut, Meranti, Iroko and Teak). 

Wood is hygroscopic material; it must always be used with as much moisture as will have the environment in which it will be installed otherwise will cause problems in the use of wood. The moisture of wood depends on where it will be used (in outdoor, closed and heated areas). For example, the window frames must have moisture of 10-12%, the outdoor constructions 12-16% and the interior spaces 7-10%.


The advantages of a dryer are:


• Increases the mechanical strength of wood and ensures the stability of its dimensions.



• Protection from various fungi is ensured, as they usually grow when moisture is greater than 20%.

• Our basic principle is to serve our clients according to their personal needs in the dimensions and measures they desire.

• We select from all around the world the best timber with mechanical strength and all the necessary CE certifications.

• Our main goal is for our products to combine excellent quality at the best possible market price, leaving a perfect aesthetic effect during the time and climatic conditions.

 Our Triptych is:


 Our Mission:

 Be among the best Greek companies in timber field and be one of the most rapidly growing Greek companies in the timber sector around the world.

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